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*PiNk FlaMiNgOs On ThE BeAcH*
I am my own experiment. I am my own work of -aRt-... Just living isn't enough. I must have sunshine, freedom & a little -PiNk- flower... To LiVe, LaUgH & LoVe! O_o

Hope you enjoy my little bit of everything kind of blog (hate to know its a cliche but its true). I post/reblog what i like, what interests me. Whether it's from summer, music, celebrities, news, pink stuff, hello kitty, hipster, fashion, beauty, photography, animals and quotes. You will find it all here. I promise if you follow me, i will follow you back. Enjoy the ride my dear flamingos! <3

I like: PINK, taurus, glitter, sparkles, bows, chanel, laughing, kissing, dancing, VS, hello kitty, fashion, sushi, crosses, passion, disneyland, chocolate, karma, crystal castles, magic, miracles, unicorns, rainbows, elephants, mermaids, beach, music, guetta, blonde hair, the kardashians, ellen, gossip girl, writing, cupcakes, shopping, make-up, eyelashes, roses, tanned skin, sun, moon, hearts, vodka, party, inspire, movies, believing, LOVE, life, family, friends, Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, Matthew McConaughey, Daniel Craig, Robbie Williams, shoes, heels, tattoos, barbie, mac, animal prints, puppies, juicy, marlboro, traveling, lovers, boys.boys.boys, volleyball, photography, Canon, design, Photoshop, diamonds, blackberry, texting, being fabulous. ♥

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Summer And 1D Blog&lt;3!

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